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Recently, I've been asked by a former classmate for why I strived to continue writing despite not earning any money from it. I've been somewhat wanting to tell my readers this part for a while, but wasn't sure when would be a good time to talk about it. For those who want to skip the remaining part of my message, because the upcoming paragraphs will be a little bit about myself, you are allowed to do so. For other readers who continues reading the rest of this note, I'll like to say thank you because it means a lot to me. Regardless, this author loves all of you dearly!


Susu nodded and texted Chen Mu to take a look at his email. Since it was a text from Susu, he immediately read and followed up on the email. Ariana made a quick phone call to Professor Luo Xia to inform him about her finding.


"Okay! Okay... alright. I'll do it. But only if you promise to delete that video!" Kitty took a few deep breaths and chugged down her orange juice.


"Darling, your first move is having your right palm flat on the third blue circle." She giggled when she placed the front card to the back. Lin Que did what he was told to do.


"Hoho! No problem at all~ It's your precious designs for me. Let's try it out and see how handsome I'll look in this~~" Taking the pajamas and kitten slippers from her hands, he went into one of the rooms to change into them. When he had finished, he jumped out excited and posed like an ice skater, "Aren't I cute? You want to adopt me, don't you? Huuuuh~~"


Ariana's lips twitched, "he will probably do something super mushy to play us later. We better watch out. We were way too obvious. Our cover was definitely blown."

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"Come on! Spongebob's best friend that starfish buddy! Anywhooo, I've noticed exploding fireworks sparks between you two, but nobody made the damn moves. Knowing Susu, she would never be the first to make that move! And know you.. well, you're a whole new special case, son. Let this sis teach you how to woo a woman, especially my goddess Susu."


P.S. Lily and Susu's friendship is actually like my close friend's relationship with me. We get mushy enough to say those... lines or even worst.. HAHAHAHA Lily's character inspiration came from her. Hehehe Thank you for reading my New Years note! And here's the chapter that I've been keeping y'all from~


"Thank you, auntie. I really appreciate it. It's getting late, so I will stop bothering you for now. Since you sound unsure about your upcoming schedule, you can message or call me back because I am free for the next few days. Thank you once again. Have a good night and sweet dreams. Bye." Susu hung up the call and turned towards Chen Mu.


"Don't worry. Other people, I might hesitate, but not Zhi Hei. He's the most creative when it comes torturing enemies. Ruthless. Haha, let's sit and enjoy the show." He said and hung up the call.


"No problem. We'll prepare everything for you. But hun, have you told Chen Mu yet?" Lily asked with a soft tone as if she was afraid that she would wake a child up from a nap.


"Hello? Hello?!! Brother Yuo!!!" Karen looked at the black screen and gritted her teeth. "Susu! Susu! How come you are so lucky to get Chen Mu by your side? I've tried to get close to him, but he would only look at you. So I was more than determined to take Tian Yuo from you. Now that I did, you end up with Chen Mu! Argh!!! And now this family is a mess because of the Chen's!!! Why do you always take everything that I want?!"


Her lips were moist and wet from his rough kisses. A few moans left her mouth as she enjoyingly accepted every second of his lip service. The softness and tingle sensation drove them even crazier for each other as they kept the wildness running through the kisses. Although they haven't had breakfast yet, their kiss was enough to satisfy their hunger in a different way.



"How could you mistaken menstrual cramps and virginity pain? Didn't it feel even slightly different?" He questioned and poked her forehead for not instantly checking her body. She was too careless.



She nodded, "my arm doesn't feel as numb and it doesn't hurt either. But on the other hand, you should seriously get some rest. Look at those dark circles." She frowned as she traced the grayish shadows underneath his eyes with her thumb.


"Indeed. No wonder for all these years he had never been interested in even taking one look at the girls that I wanted to hook him up with. Oh wells, even better now. I can't wait to see Susu as my future daughter-in-law the next time we meet!"


"What?! Kissed?! Who kissed whom? You to her or her to you or both together?! How come nobody tells me the juicy news nowadays? Come on! Spill some beans for this grandmother who expected a future for you two children to the point where my hair turned gray!"

  • Though the past years had been a struggle for me and an internal fight, I could definitely pat my chest and say that it was a fight that I've won. For those who ever encountered or know that their friends or family members who have been through or is going through something similar, please let them know that they are not the only ones out there. It is okay to feel weak and helpless. It is okay to not to feel okay and cry out sometimes. It is alright to take your time and sort things out, but one thing that should never be a solution is harming yourself.
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